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AcuTop Premium

  1. AcuTop Premium Kinesiology Tape 5m x 5cm

    AcuTop Premium Kinesiology Tape 5m x 5cm


    Discounts by quantity

    (Can mix the colours) Learn More

    Price from $5.54
  2. Kinesiology tape premium acutop pack

    Expositor Pack Acutop 12 Rolls

    Regular Price: $84.60

    Special Price: $77.32

    Expositor Pack AcuTop 12 Rolls Learn More

    Price from $72.65
  3. Acutop Kinesiology Premium pack 6

    Acutop Kinesiology Premium pack 6


    Expositor Pack of 6 rolls 5cm x 5m AcuTop Kinesiology Tape.

    • 2 rolls Pink
    • 2 rolls Soft Blue
    • 1 roll Beige
    • 1 roll Black
    Learn More

    Price from $40.07
  4. Tape Premium 5cm x 17m

    Acutop Premium 5cm x 17m

    Starting at: $23.78

    Premium Acutop rolls of 17 meters are an ideal size savings and convenience to transport, use kinesiology tape without fear of running out of product. Learn More
  5. Acutop Kinesiology Tape 5cmx32m

    Acutop Premium 5cmx32m

    Starting at: $40.13

    AcuTop Kinesiology Tape Premium 5cmx32m is specially designed for health professionals

    Learn More
  6. Acutop Kinesiology Tape  2,5cmx5m

    Acutop Premium Kinesiotape 2.5cmx5m

    Starting at: $9.23

    Premium Acutop rolls 2.5cm wide is used for special applications such as in the form of octopus. Learn More
  7. Kinesiology Tape Premium 7.5cmx5m

    Acutop Premium 7.5cmx5m

    Starting at: $10.75

    Acu Top Premium 7.5cmx5m Kinesiology Tape is a product designed for applications requiring a special wide Learn More
  8. Acutop Premium Design


    5 cm x 5 m, Design Tape

    Excellent skin compatibility, ribbons with special designs for children, for young and daring people.

    • Ideal is also suitable as a health or wellness gift for any occasion
    • Available in 4 designs (Blue Camo, Green camo, Leopard and TCM Five Elements)
    Learn More
    Price from $6.62