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Temtex Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m


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Temtex Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m at best price. With different colours. Free Shipping and discounts in quantity orders.

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Temtex Kinesiology tape Korean brand. This is a top quality bandage, demonstrated by independent studies conducted by Aitex (Textile Research Institute, accredited by ENAC) ensuring its excellent features as the base material, adhesiveness, elasticity and porosity. Bandage Neuromuscular or Kinesiotaping is a technique based on the use of a bandage or special tape (such as TEMTEX Kinesiology Tape) that placed specifically manages to provide functional support to the muscles without limiting joint mobility, has obvious advantages derived from increased blood and lymphatic circulation, changes at the level of cutaneous sensory receptors and beneficial changes to neuromuscular level. The TEMTEX kinesiology tape is a kind of elastic tape that sticks directly on the skin is elastic in the longitudinal direction, while in the transverse direction is rigid and level of elasticity according to claim renowned specialists are located between 150% and 160%. Its composition is based on cotton, are latex free and have an adhesive that allows them to adhere to the skin; Glue Cyanoacrylate is used for medical purposes. Once placed on the skin, does not come off with sweat and can easily handle immersion in water (so that you can get wet, or showering, ...). Combining TEMTEX Kinesiology Tape and its proper placement, will bring: Standardization of muscle function. Reduced inflammation. Decreased pain. Better support articulate.

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