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  1. AcuTop Premium Kinesiology Tape 5m x 5cm

    AcuTop Premium Kinesiology Tape 5m x 5cm


    Discounts by quantity

    (Can mix the colours) Learn More

    Price from €4.83
  2. Nasara Plus Design Tape


    ¡Libera tu piel! Absorción efectiva y liberación de agua y sudor.

    Tela sintética de alta calidad para una máxima durabilidad y durabilidad. Suavidad única durante el uso y un peso ligero de la cinta en pieles sensibles con alto confort y adhesivo amigable con la piel.

    Dimensiones: 5 cm x 5 m

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    Price from €9.02
  3. Acutop Classic Tape


    Material: Cotton

    Dimensions: 5cm x 5m

    Learn More
    Price from €4.45
  4. Acutop Classic Tape XXL


     Application: Physiotherapy

    • Available in black, beige, pink and light blue
    • Dimensions: 5 cm x 35 m
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    Price from €29.85
  5. Nasara Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m


    Nasara bandage for physiotherapy

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    Price from €6.60
  6. Acutop Premium Tape Tourmaline


    AcuTop Premium Kinesiology Tape Tourmaline 5cm x 5m is specially designed for health professionals.

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    Price from €8.13
  7. Acutop Premium 5cmx32m

    Acutop Premium 5cmx32m Learn More
  8. Acutop 7,5cm x 5m

    Acutop Kinesiology Tape Premium 7.5cmx5m es un producto diseñado para aplicaciones que requieran un ancho especial, cómo pueden ser las aplicaciones en forma de pulpo, muy útil además de tener la gran calidad que tiene la marca AcuTop, marca fabricada en Corea del Sur por el fabricante ATEX. Learn More
  9. Temtex Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m

    Temtex Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m

    Regular Price: €10.03

    Special Price: €8.88

    Temtex Kinesiology Tape 5cm x 5m at best price. With different colours. Free Shipping and discounts in quantity orders. Learn More
    Price from €6.86
  10. KT Tape PRO Pre-cut 5cm x 5m

    - 20 pre-cut tapes on a roll of 5 m. - Reflective bands for your safety. - Plastic box with thread for its isolation. - Kt tape can be used in the pool or shower. - Includes instructions Learn More
    Price from €19.04
  11. Cinta Nylon AcuTop 4D


    Made from an innovative combination of materials (82% nylon, 18% spandex).

    Elastic, adaptable, without limitation of mobility, permeable and resistant to water.

    Duration: several days.

    Learn More
  12. Acutop Premium Kinesiotape 2.5cmx5m

    Acutop Premium Kinesiotape 2.5cmx5m Learn More
  13. AcuTop® Pro Sport Tape

    AcuTop® Pro Sport Tape Learn More
  14. Acutop Premium Design


    5 cm x 5 m, Design Tape

    Excellent skin compatibility, ribbons with special designs for children, for young and daring people.

    • Ideal is also suitable as a health or wellness gift for any occasion
    • Available in 4 designs (Blue Camo, Green camo, Leopard and TCM Five Elements)
    Learn More
    Price from €7.75
  15. Temtex kinesiology tape pack 6 rollos

    Temtex Kinesiotape pack 6


    This pack consist of:

    • 2 rolls Pink
    • 2 rolls Soft Blue
    • 1 roll Beige
    • 1 roll Black
    Learn More

  16. KT Tape Original Pre-cut 5cm x 5m


    Colors in catalog: Black, Pink, Blue, Beige, Purple, Red, Lime green

    Learn More
    Price from €12.95
  17. AcuTop Gitter Tape

    AcuTop Gitter Tape

    Regular Price: €15.24

    Special Price: €11.30

    Gitter Acutop Tape is a leader in the product range Tape Cross helps reduce pain based on anatomy and muscular balance theory of Oriental medicine, activating the body's energy points. Availability type A, B and C.

    Learn More
    Price from €8.76