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Thermotherapy is a branch within physiotherapy that is defined as the art and science of treating diseases and injuries through the application of heat or cold. In this section you will find all the useful products to practice this branch of physiotherapy.

  1. Huasun Pure Moxa Without Smoke


    Moxa without smoke

    11.5cm x 1.4 cm

    5 units per box

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    Price from €3.90
  2. Support for Moxas


    Support with Ashtray for Moxas

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  3. BIOSUN Traditional Candles


    BIOSUN are traditional candles for the ear that originated in the secular culture of the Hopi Indians and other Indians.

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  4. Moxa Cones


    Moxa Cones to paste.

    225 pieces.

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  5. Moxa Grass


    - 250 g for indirect use

    - Pure quality

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  6. Big Moxa Cones


    Big Moxa Cones to paste.

    225 pieces.

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  7. Pure Moxa Roll Wushe


    Pure Moxa Roll

    21cm x 1.8cm

    10 units per box

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    Price from €3.90
  8. TCM Heat patches with 4 points.


    Thermacura is a product made "herbal", are self-heating patches that produce a pleasant and constant heat for about 8 hours.

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    Price from €6.20
  9. Combined Acupuncture Moxa


    TCM combined Acupuncture Treatment with moxibustion.

    200 pieces

    Material: 100% Artemis

    Height: 15 mm / Diameter: 12 mm

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  10. Stainless Steel Moxa Set


    3 Moxa fire extinguishers in different sizes.

    Measurements: B 100 mm x L 100 mm x H 30 mm.

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  11. Moxa Box


    To fill with Hierba de Moxa

    -Material: wood and metal

    - Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 10.5 cm (approx.)

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