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 , the most important kinesiology tape store in Europe


In our shop you will find the best brands of kinesiology tape and Cross taping. Many physiotherapy centers, osteopathy, podiatry, clinics, hospitals, sports clubs, sports centers, gyms, rehabilitation centers and other centers buy kinesiology tape at our store.


We are the top online Kinesiology tape store in Spain and one of the largest store in Europe. Regularly we send orders to our customers, more than 25,000, spread across more than 35 countries. 30,000 orders placed in 2015 endorse our management and meeting industry professionals.


Do you know what is the kinesiology tape? The neuromuscular bandage are bands that can be of cotton or synthetic, were patented in 1970 and used to promote healing of injuries. Are elastic bandages which can be stretched longitudinally to 170% depending on the type of dressing.


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Behind Intertaping there is a team ready to answer your questions about neuromuscular bandages. The best brands of kinesiotape Acutop Premium Kinesiology Tape, BBtape, Kt Tape, Saferlife, Temtex, Meridius Sport tape, Nasara, Silk tex tape, Rocktape. Cross the best brands of tape, BB Lattice tape, tape Nasara gitter, Gitter Acutop Tape.


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